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Storage tips

To protect your belongings and items with care, take time to read Go Depo’s useful storage advice. You will have all the information you need for storing your items safely and handy tips on maximizing the space in your unit.

Store efficiently

Organization of your unit

Place frequently used items near the door and create a passage to the rear of the unit for easy access. Keep objects more than 30 cm (1 foot) from the door to prevent it from being blocked. Storage of your belongings is more efficient if you use stand-alone shelves.

Cardboard boxes

Do not place cardboard boxes directly on the floor. Instead, use a pallet or wooden planks under the boxes to allow air circulation and protect your items.


Fold your clothes neatly and store them in dressers to maximize space, or use closet-style boxes to hang your clothes.

Perishable food products

No perishable food is allowed in the storage units, as their presence could attract rodents.

Books & documents

To protect your books and documents from moisture, place them in stackable boxes on pallets or place them in stackable boxes on pallets or wooden planks.

Tools & equipement

To protect properly metal tools and sports equipment, they should be clean, dry and then wiped down with a cloth dampened with a few drops of lubricant.


Do not wrap or store mattresses in plastic. Wrap them in cotton sheets or blankets. Avoid placing mattresses on the floor to allow better air circulation.

Pharmaceutical products

All pharmaceuticals should be stored in an air-conditioned unit. Make sure you choose quality containers that are suitable.

Valuable objects

Valuables such as jewelry, financial and legal documents, photos, coins, collectibles should not be stored in self-storage.

Tableware and glassware

Be sure to individually wrap each piece carefully and use newspaper to fill any unused space in the boxes, to reduce the risk of breakage while moving to a minimum.

Are you unsure of what products to store?

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